TiNaNiNaNi is an international dance mime theater company founded in 1997. We exist of physical actors and dancers. Through the years we worked with professional composers, designers, singers and musicians. We strive to put artistic and uncommon ideas on stage.
It is about art.

Core members

Founder & Artistic director

Ari Peterse 

Ari is director, mime player and founder of the TiNaNiNaNi company. He graduated at the Amsterdam MIME academy AHK and he is graduated as a MIME teacher. 
Amongst others he worked with Tom Jansen, Will and Pepijn  Spoor, Steven Wasson, Jan Langedijk, The Lunatics and Unieke Zaken. He won the Dutch MIME price with the group of Jan Langedijk. 
Further he founded TiNaNiNaNi in 1997 and since then he creates and performs with his company. 
He teached physical theater at the theater academy ArteZ in Arnhem and at the Mime school in Amsterdam. 

Dancer & choreographer

Kamee Frieling

In 2003, when Kamee was six years, she started with physical theatre (mime corporel and physical improvisation) classes from Company TiNaNiNaNi. Here she found the love for art and developed her passion to perform. 

Kamee performed with TiNaNiNaNi in more than 26 different dance and theatre projects at festivals and  theatre's in Netherland, Nepal, India, Israel, Kenya, Spain and Germany.

As a child, her dream was to become part of the company. Today, she is part of the organisation and artistic team of company TiNaNiNaNi. 

Kamee is a dancer and choreographer. She graduated at Tilburg, Dance Academy of fine and performing arts, Netherland in 2021. 
She danced in ‘Nomad’ (2019) from Sidi Larbi at the Dutch dance days. 
She is nominated for the Jacque de Leeuwprijs 2021, an award for exceptional talent. 

Theater De Garage

After working in many different spaces, TiNaNiNaNi transformed their garage into a studio/ theater space. With the aim to create a space for cultural evenings, performances and exhibitions. We also use the space for rehearsals and classes. 

It is possible to use our space. We stimulate creations, sharings and developments in the arts. If you want we can organize a performance in the theater. We are open for new ideas and collaborations. Please send us a massage for more information.