In 2020, Ari Peterse (mime artist and director) and Kamee Frieling (dancer and choreographer) started to join forces. And since then they have been making performances under the name Danstheater TiNaNiNaNi. It is a unique collaboration that transcends different generations and disciplines. They collaborate with designers, musicans, dancers etc. TiNaNiNaNi is characterized by combining poetry and literature with contemporary dance. Their performances are experienced as magical and poetic. And are current, aesthetic and connecting. They create location theater, hall productions, performances for the elderly and children's performances.

The first performance SORROW (2020) was followed by a successful tour at home and abroad. For this performance Kamee Frieling was nominated for the Jacques De Leeuw Prize, a prize for exceptional talent. During the corona period she created the performance Winterreise Zomertijd (2021) for healthcare institutions. The children's show STAIRS TO HEAVEN (2021) received a Makers stipend and can still be booked through Impresariaat UIT DE KUNSTEN. Museum of Lost Memories (2022) is a dancing follow-up tour for healthcare institutions. ZORGENKIND (2022) was made at the invitation of the Woest & Bijster festival, a performance about our relationship with nature. ZORGENKIND plays at festivals and in the theater. Brittle Earth (2023) is inspired by Antjie Krog, a mass for the universe and commissioned for the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. They work with various themes such as: performance pressure/wheel race of life, nature and climate, history, literature and wonder.

Before 2020, TiNaNiNaNi had already a rich history.  Ari Founded TiNaNiNaNi in 1997.  TiNaNiNaNi has played an international role  in more than 60 countries. The company has a lot of experience with Ari Peterse, as he directed the first winning performance of the Dutch Mime Prize.

Ari Peterse

Artistic director & mime player

Kamee Frieling

Dancer & choreographer

Theater De Garage

After working in many different spaces, TiNaNiNaNi transformed their garage into a studio/ theater space. With the aim to create a space for cultural evenings, performances and exhibitions. We also use the space for rehearsals and classes. 

It is possible to use our space. We stimulate creations, sharings and developments in the arts. If you want we can organize a performance in the theater. We are open for new ideas and collaborations. Please send us a massage for more information.