TiNaNiNaNi is a dance mime theater company based in the Netherland. They create dancetheater pieces for theaters as well as side specific performances for both, childeren and adults.
They work with the combination of literature/ poetry and dance. They are physical actors, dancers and musicians and strive to put artistic and uncommon ideas on stage. It is about sharing art.

Ari Peterse

Artistic director & mime player

Kamee Frieling

Dancer & choreographer

Theater De Garage

After working in many different spaces, TiNaNiNaNi transformed their garage into a studio/ theater space. With the aim to create a space for cultural evenings, performances and exhibitions. We also use the space for rehearsals and classes. 

It is possible to use our space. We stimulate creations, sharings and developments in the arts. If you want we can organize a performance in the theater. We are open for new ideas and collaborations. Please send us a massage for more information.